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How to sign up as a Drone Pilot and create your first listing

How to sign up as a Drone Pilot and create your first listing


This is a concise, yet thorough guide to signing up as a drone pilot on Drone Digital.

Choosing and purchasing a listing package

To sign up with Drone Digital, go to the “Get Started” button in the menu bar.

The “Get Started” button will open a page with a pricing table offering various options.

Once you select one of the options you will be taken to a checkout page. The billing details you will fill in here are also your registration details for the website.

Enter your personal and company details in the billing details section of the form. You will be required to confirm that you have read the drone regulations for your region. The regulations can be found on the Global Drone Regulations Database website.

You will be required to upload your Aviation Authority Certificate. You may also optionally include your Insurance Certificate.

Once you have filled in all your information you will then be able to pay for your subscription using a variety of payment methods. Upon payment you will receive emails confirming your payment and subscription.


You are now a member of Drone Digital. You can proceed to Add a Listing.

Adding a listing

Click the Add Listing button in the menu bar at the top.

You will arrive at the Add Listing page. Seeing as it is possible to have multiple subscription packages under your account, you will be presented with the option of choosing the subscription package to add your listing under.

Select the package you would like to list under (or purchase a new package).

Click the Submit Listing button to proceed to enter your listing details.

Basic Information

You will be presented with the Add Listing form. Start off by entering a title which adequately describes your service.

Add in some keywords to help customers find you. Choose a category from the drop-down menu.


Add the address you will be servicing customers from.


Add some images to represent your listing.


Add a description for your listing here. You can also add a video URL, phone number, website URL, and email address.

Enabling the contact widget button will add a contact box to your listing so customers can contact you directly.

Add your social profiles if you would like them displayed on your listing.

Opening Hours

You can choose to display your business hours in the “opening hours” section.

Pricing and Bookable Services

In this section you can list the individual services you offer in your listing.

Booking and Availability

The booking section is where you can enable direct online booking management via the Drone Digital website.

In the availability section you can configure booking slots for your services.

Booking prices and settings

Configure the booking prices and settings for your listing here.

Availability Calendar

Set your availability here.

Preview your listing

Click the preview button to see how your listing will appear.

You will be presented with a preview page.

You can choose to edit or submit your listing.

Once you submit your listing you will be notified that the listing is live on the website!

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