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OverView59 Aerial Drone Photography & Cinematography

OverView59 Aerial Drone Photography & Cinematography


Product Description

OverView59 Aerial Drone Photography & Cinematography of Dallas, Texas- Dallas County…Register # 201900200545.  We are a Professional Drone Video Service conducted under a General Partnership by Ronald & Stella Thomas Established August 1, 2019. Our primary object is to offer our clients the best service in the Aerial Drone Industry.   License # 4322445 Federal Aviation Administration 2019/Renewed 2021.   Commercial general liability insurance coverage: $3 million.  Decisive and Commanding-OverView59 Flight Pilot:  As a commercial drone pilot, I understand the position as the Pilot in Command (PIC).  The PIC at OverView59 Aerial Drone is ultimately the decision maker and must answer for any decisions that they or their crew carry out.  Knowing how to make proper Go/No Go Decisions and when to set limitations or boundaries on flight is a must.  Commercial Drone Pilots must have the ability to step up as the leader and guide their crew to completing a safe flight.  “LET’S FLY”….